Beginners – the London Gaelic Class Needs You!

September 22, 2021
by Colin West

The London Gaelic Class is running three levels this term, up from two last term. Lots of the members of last term’s Class 1 (beginners) have moved up to Class 2. Which is all positive, and is progress, but has left us short of beginners!

So if you’re looking for a class at beginner level, this is the perfect opportunity to sign up.

Classes are being taught online this term, so you don’t even have to be in London.

You can register on the City Lit website here. Or if you have any questions, drop us a line here at and we’ll try to help out.

Go on, then! Who knows where your Gaelic journey will take you? (Although based on the other members of the London Gaelic Class, it is all or any of (i) the Shakespeare’s Head pub; (ii) Sabhal Mòr Ostaig; and (iii) the Mòd.)