Mòd Glasgow 2019

December 11, 2019
by Eilidh Cooper Oliver

The London Gaelic Choir returned to the Royal National Mòd in Glasgow this year after an absence of many years. Eilidh Cooper Oliver was there and tells us about it…

[Picture above: members of the London Gaelic Choir with their smart tartan shoes! Eilidh herself on the left-hand side.]

I myself have only been to the Mod twice, and both of those when I was still in primary school. There were others who had never been to the Mod and also those who had been many times – many more years than I have been alive.

Well, I sure did enjoy it! I was a bit nervous about standing up on stage, and I really wasn’t expecting to feel that way. I have been singing in front of an audience since before I could read, but as soon as I stood up on that stage, I was ready to faint! And I really didn’t want that to be the one thing that people remembered about Coisir Lunnainn’s return to the Mod, what with us being live on BBC Alba and all.



But I survived, and very proud of the points we achieved. But much more than the singing itself, I really enjoyed meeting up with people I know, and being surrounded by people speaking Gaelic. I had a sort of sense that I had returned home. We are all full of motivation to learn more songs and speak more Gaelic. But maybe next year I’ll wear flats!